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Video Inventory:

Click on individual titles for more information.  Videos are on DVD unless otherwise noted.  Our inventory list is also available in  alphabetical order in pdf form.

- Teaching Music, Not Notes - Mary Gae George
- 3D Piano - Fred Karpoff (3 x 2 DVDs) 
      Disc 1:  Foundations; Disc 2:  Three Dimensional Movement
      Disc 3: Chord Ensemble, Sound Quality; Disc 4: Vibrato Technique, Trills
      Disc 5:  Scales; Disc 6:  Pedalling, Rhythm & Artistry
Introduction to Baroque Dance
- Mastering Piano Technique - A Guide for Students, Teachers and Performers
Performance Practices in Baroque Keyboard Music
- Performance Practices in Classical Piano Music 
- Performance Practices in Romantic Piano Music
- Performance Practices in Impressionistic Piano Music
- Performance Practices in Early 20th Century Music
- Performance Practices in Late 20th Century Music
- Memorization in Piano Performance
Freeing the Caged Bird - Barbara Lister Sink
The Art of Adjudicating - Saskatchewan Music Festival Association
- From the World Pedagogy Conference (2 separate lectures on 1 DVD):
    Arbo Valdma: Emotional Connection with Students - Why One Cannot Teach
    Without it 
    Ann Schein: Carrying the Great Piano Traditions into the 21st Century
You and the Piano - Seymour Bernstein
- Nelita True at Eastman, Vol. 1:  Portrait of a Pianist-Teacher
- Nelita True at Eastman, Vol. 2: The Studio Lesson
- Nelita True at Eastman, Vol. 3:  Technique through Teaching
- Nelita True at Eastman, Vol. 4:  Principles of Style for the Young Pianist

- Effortless Mastery:  Liberating the Master Musician Within
- Conversations with Frances Clark: Her Live & Teachings (VHS)

General Interest
- Musical Minds with Dr. Oliver Sacks
- Musical Brain  NEW!
- Song of Survival
- The Art of the Piano
- The Golden Age of the Piano
The Music Instinct:  Science and Song
- Touch the Sound: A Sound Journey with Evelyn Glynnie
- El Sistema 
- Breaking the Silence  NEW!
- Pianomania  
- They Came to Play 

Teaching Students with Special Needs / Ages
- Asperger Syndrome:  A Different Mind   NEW!
- ADHD for Educators  NEW
- ADHD featuring Dr. Thomas Brown  NEW!
- Music and Early Childhood  NEW!
- Recreational Music Muaking (4 DVD set)

- Glenn Gould Life and Times
- Glenn Gould Russian Journey
- Glenn Gould Extasis 
- Mozart (A & E Biography)
- Mozart's Sister (Film)  
- Beethoven: The Sound and the Fury (A & E Biography)
- Beethoven Lives Upstairs
- Bach's Fight for Freedom
- Handel's Last Chance
- Rossini's Ghost
- Strauss: King of Three-Quarter Time
- Bizet's Dream
- Liszt's Rhapsody
- Great Composers: Bach
- Great Compoers: Beethoven
- Great Composers: Chopin
- Great Composers:  Debussey
- Great Composers: Dvorak
- Great Composers: Handel
- Great Composers: Mendelsson
- Great Composers: Mozart
- Great Composers: Puccini
- Great Composers: Ravel
- Great Composers: Schubert
- Great Composers: Schumann
- Great Composers: Tchaikovsky
- Great Composers: Vivaldi

Concert Titles
- Luciano Pavarotti: Recital in Barcelona
- Duke Ellington, Legends of Jazz
- The Best of Richard Clayderman
- Artur Rubenstein - Historic Film of Rubinstein in Performance
- Horowitz in Moscow
- 10th Anniversary Piano Extravaganza (Verbier Festival and Academy)

Educational Titles
- Peter Ustinov reads The Orchestra (VHS)
- Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts (each DVD rented separately)
   1.  What Does Music Mean?
        What is American Music?
        What is Orchestration
   2.  What Makes Music Symphonic?
        What is Classical Music?
        Humor in Music
   3.  What is a Concerto?
        Who is Gustav Mahler?
        Folk Music in the Concert Hall
   4.  What is Impressionism?
        Happy Birthday, Igor Stravinsky
        What is a Melody?
   5.  The Latin American Spirit
        Jazz in the Concert Hall
        What is Sonata Form?
   6.  A Tribute to Sibelius
        Musical Atoms: A Study of Intervals
        The Sound of an Orchestra
   7.  A Birthday Tribute to Shostakovich
        What is a Mode?
        A Toast to Vienna in 3/4 Time
   8.  Quiz - Concert: How Musical Are You?
        Berlioz Takes a Trip
        Two Ballet Birds
    9.  Fidelio: A Celebration of Life
- Opera Stories - Ernani & Il Trovatore
- Opera Storeis - Aida & Otello
- Opera Stores - Falstaff & La Boheme
- Opera Stories - Andrea Chenier & Manon Lescaut
- Opera Storeis - Tosca & Die Fledermaus

- The Firebird/Petrushka
The Marriage of Figaro
- Madame Butterfly
- La Traviata
- What is Music?

- The Best of Victor Borge: Act 1 & 2
- Victor Borge Show Collection Volume 1
- Victor Borge Show Collection Volume 2
- Victor Borge Show Collection Volume 3
- The Pianist (Winner of 3 Academy Awards)

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